The GATEway (Episode II)

The GATEway (Episode II)

GATE is one of the most popular exam IET students. IET students have consistently ranked in top 100 in the GATE examination. We assembled a panel of GATE rankers from previous years and did two episode GATE traning series called “The GATEway”.

This was episode 2 of 2 of “The GATEway”. The event was attended by 80 members, mostly students who are either considering taking GATE or actively preparing for the exam.


The speaker for this session were:

  • Krishna Meerendra (EE 2020)
    • AIR 20 in GATE 2021
  • Radha Agarwal (EC 2020)
    • AIR 41 in GATE 2020
  • Shantanu Srivastava (ME 2020)
    • AIR 108 in GATE 2021

The event was moderated by Divyabh Tyagi (ME 2009)

Krishna Meerendra (EE 2020)

  • AIR of 20 in GATE 2021
  • Currently working at National Thermal Power Corporation.
  • Studied M.Tech in Microelectronics and Photonics at IIT Madras
  • Key advice for GATE preparation is to solve multiple test series, maintain an error log, study subjects in linked manner, revise bookmarked questions, prepare short and formula notes, practice mock tests and have a positive attitude.
  • At IET, Krishna was part of the Coding club, Social club and Swaranjali.
  • His hobbies include playing tabla, singing and competitive coding.

Radha Agarwal (EC 2020)

  • AIR of 41 in GATE 2020
  • M.Tech student studying Microelectronics and VLSI Design at IISc Bangalore.
  • Her key advice for GATE preparation is to start early, focus on 4 main things viz. concepts, speed, accuracy and focus and give as many mock tests as you can.
  • She has expertise in GATE preparation, ECE domain opportunities and do’s/don’ts in B.Tech and M.Tech.
  • At IET, Radha was part of the Taekwondo team and the social club, Parmarth.
  • Her hobbies include practising Taekwondo, playing badminton, cycling and dancing

Shantanu Srivastava (ME 2020)

  • AIR of 108 in GATE 2021
  • Executive Engineer at NMDC.
  • His key advice for GATE preparation is to practice everyday and give regular tests to access what you have learnt so far.
  • Revision from short notes and completion of test series is the key to every ranker’s success. He has expertise in GATE preparation.
  • At IET, Shantanu was part of the college band, western musical group and the social club.
  • He likes to sing, play keyboard and chess.


The slide deck used by the speakers can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

Video Recording

The event was recorded and is available for viewing.

Pearls of Wisdom

We extract the hightlights of the talk into smaller videos so that viewers can get the most important nuggets of wisdom shared by the speakers without going through the entire talk. We call these digest vidoes “Pearls of Wisdom”.

We will release the Pearls of Wisdom shortly!


The awareness posters used to advertise the talk are archived below.